Saturday, October 11, 2008

Report: paid subscriptions at The Olympian are dropping -- down 1,000 over the past year

Paid subscriptions at McClatchy's The Olympian newspaper have dropped by more than 1,000 over the past year.
Last October The Olympian reported a paid circulation of 32,708. This year that figure has dropped to 31,538, a decline of more than a thousand paid subscribers in just one year. The peak year for the local newspaper was in 1998 when it reported a paid circulation of 40,485.
Ken Balesly notes McClatchy is regionalizing its newspapers in Washington, and before long, most news printed in The Olympian will come out of Tacoma. He believes The Olympian's newsroom staff will be reduced to a handful of people who cover state government.
The Olympian to be printed at Tacoma site, 8 positions to be eliminated
Olympian/News Tribune update -- McClatchy's plans to regionalize are moving forward... more layoffs coming later this year?
Prediction: McClatchy will regionalize newspapers

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