Sunday, October 5, 2008

Report: a real estate deal is in the works for the Seattle Times, half-owned by McClatchy

Story here.


Dave D. said...

...One of the things Newspapers are supposed to do is examine trends and explain predictions based on facts and expert opinion. Two-three years ago the Seattle Times could have, and should have, reported the 20+ % growth in real estate values and examined, then explained, why that trend was unsustainable and bound to end in a bust. Did they do that ?
...Not likely. They now are selling real estate after that bust because they have to. Fire sale prices.
...While these guys wasted their print on political spin and trying to make news compete with entertainment ( KEWL ), they missed the biggest story of this decade. They deserve to fail. Move out of the way for folks smarter and more fact based. Creative distruction in it's truest sense. Cool.

Anonymous said...

So much of the economy is based on consumer confidence. After all, what is a $5 bill except a piece of paper, unless you have confidence that it has value.

For the past year plus the liberal media has done everything they can to destroy consumer confidence and have created a self fulfilling dialog. Every doom and gloom story they can find they find. Every doom and gloom story they can print, they print.

Why? Because there is a Republican that they hate in the White House. Just like the seasons the stories about the homeless, the "unfortunate", the single moms roll out before an election.

Well, guess what? The assholes got caught in their own story. They destroyed as much confidence in the economy as they could and they became victims.

I love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sell, Sell, Sell. What happens when they run out of things to sell. Maybe we will be rid of them and thank God. Won't be a minute too soon.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully their OUT OF BUSINESS and somebody buys it that knows how to run a newspaper.