Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sacramento Bee begins placing ads on front page of selected sections

The Sacramento Bee is trying something new when it comes to advertising.Publisher Cheryl Dell said the newspaper opened up selected section fronts, including sports and its feature sections, early this summer to advertising.

Recent examples of the effort include a front-page ad in the sports section for Marshall's department store, which was made to look like a comic strip, and a Raley’s supermarket ad that ran on the front of the Food and Wine section.

“We made them available to allow customers to target their message differently and to use ad designs not traditionally seen in the paper,” Dell wrote in an e-mail.

I didn't notice ads on any front sections of today's Bee. Seems like a smart idea, though.


Anonymous said...

They have been running ads for Obama on the front page for almost a year now. They call them "news stories".

McClatchy Watch said...


Anonymous said...

Modesto Bee has been doing this for several months now. Also they have been putting advertising stickers on the front page (A-1) for over a year. They bought a special labeling applicator that sticks them on the front page sometime while the papers are being transported on the conveyor to the inserter. This moved to Sac town with the printing. Do they put stickers on the Sac. Bee?
If not, they may soon do it.

Anonymous said...

The irony of the political ads is that paid political ads are lower than ever. At least the political consultants know that newspaper readership does not justify the expense of the ad space.