Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Sacramento Bee is hiring account managers

The Sacramento Bee is hiring:

Position: Account Manager

The Sacramento Bee, the area's leading source of online and print news, entertainment, and information, is seeking Advertising Account Managers to join our dynamic advertising sales territories. The multi-media Bee is part of an exciting media industry that is offering cutting edge products to our readers and advertisers. With our full spectrum of products--print, web marketing, revolutionary sub zip zoning, direct mail, and inserts--we reach the total market. As an Account Manager, you will work in a team environment to sell display advertising space for publication, which is achieved primarily through outside sales calls to current and prospective advertisers. You'll drive revenue growth, generates new business, analyzes client needs and provides exceptional customer service.

4 openings. Additional Salary Information: Salary plus commission

The salary is not posted -- if you know the salary range, leave info in comments.

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Anonymous said...

Advertising Account Managers are far more important to the continued existence of newspapers than are editorial board members.

McClatchy would be better off if they fired all of the editorial writers and put that money into developing advertising revenue.

Editorials don't pay the bills, advertisements do. In fact, most of the editorials manage to piss off half of the customer base and end up losing subscriptions and revenue.