Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Oct 23 -- Got news or tips?

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Anonymous said...

Here's some news:

More cuts in Kansas City were announced today in the newsroom. Coming soon, before Thanksgiving. A combination of buyouts and page cuts, just after we raised the price. More for less! This is absolutely a winning strategy. It cannot fail.

"All of you are our greatest asset going forward," we were told in a post-layoff memo one month ago. "Let me say that again: all of you are our greatest asset going forward."

Today? Apparently we are their greatest liability.

Anonymous said...

Also the people from Infosys are are for several weeks to togo over the functions for the finance department, as they determin which jobs will be outsourced.

Anonymous said...

You mean they don't need ALL you folk at that "White Elephant". Hmmmm.
Maybe your not the liability it's your "______" building.

Anybody remember when our friend GARY said that they would never cut the newsroom staff.

I do feel sorry for you but I'm sick of McClatchy.

Anonymous said...

Are they just cutting newsroom staff????

Anonymous said...

Those folks wouldn't know a winning strategy if it kicked them in the butt.

Anonymous said...

Are there just newsroom cuts????

Anonymous said...

I found this interesting in todays KC Star. On the front page Business Section. They are wanting to go in a new direction for difficult times. Wanted bloggers & correspondents to write stories that might be interesting in todays world. They can't pay you "but we will offer a digital place on the area's most visited online site".

Please tell me that these people aren't replacing the newsroom staff.