Friday, November 14, 2008

McClatchy headline shows condescension

Why did Prop 8 pass in California? You'd think it passed because most voters support traditional marriage, right? Well, the smart people at McClatchy think Prop 8 passed because the No on 8 campaign was "in turmoil."

Here's the headline at McClatchy: Why did gay-marriage ban pass? 'No' campaign was in turmoil.

McClatchy thinks if the No on 8 campaign had been better organized, the rube voters would have seen the light and voted no.
The initiative passed 52.2% to 47.8%. Prop 8 enjoyed majority support among all racial groups. Black voters, whose ranks were swelled due to the candidacy of Barack Obama, supported it 70 percent to 30 percent. Latinos supported it 53 per cent to 47 percent, and Whites and Asians supported it 51 per cent to 49 percent.
It's safe to say the overwhelming number of voters knew exactly what they were doing when they passed Prop 8.

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Anonymous said...

Re:prop 8 NPR radio pointed out, the no on 8 campaign ads could have been better. There were no homosexuals in any of their ads. This may have been a large contributing factor in the campaign. In my area the yes signs outnumbered the no signs 5 to 1 or better.
And now that the dust has settled, the votes counted, and the people have spoken, who are the h8ers??? Seems the G/L community are protesting violently with hate spewing from their pores. White powder sent to churches, buildings defaced, property damaged, web sites telling who are the various groups, organizations, churches and clubs that supported prop. 8, and to boycott (or worse) these groups. This type of activity is in the hate crime status, but because of the "delicate nature" of the situation I doubt anyone will be punished. Even before the election the G/L forces were being violent. In Modesto, one guy with an arm load of Yes on 8 signs was attacked and severely beaten right in front of his church! Time for the real h8ers to regroup and become a civilized coalition. Keep up this type of activity and we will win again.