Thursday, November 20, 2008

McClatchy publishes hard-hitting piece on Obama's likely Attorney General pick

Just kidding. McClatchy's article on Eric Holder, said to be Obama's Attorney General pick, wasn't hard-hitting at all. It was a puff piece. The McClatchy reporter, Greg Gordon, didn't bother getting a quote from a single Republican, or anyone other than a Dem politician who could shed light on what kind of man Holder is, and what kind of Attorney General he might be. The main takeaway from Gordon's article seems to be that Holder is black.

Holder's glaring weakness, his infamous approval of a pardon for fugitive Marc Rich, got a slight mention. Gordon seems to be satisfied that Holder later admitted his mistake, so that should end the controversy, right?

Readers are entitled to know more about Holder. We should know if his role in the Marc Rich pardon betrays something lacking in Holder's moral antennae. Isn't that what newspapers and investigative reporters are there to do?
Since McClatchy can't be bothered giving you the full information about Holder, it's up to bloggers and other sources. Powerline has a 9-minute video of Holder's testimony. It's pretty embarrassing for Holder.
Is McClatchy living up to its "Truth to power" motto?
Not at all.



Dave D. said...

...No, McClatchy is reinforcing their " Comforting the comfortable " motto.

McClatchy Watch said...


Anonymous said...

Urinalism at its finest.

And the cute little lefties wonder why they are not trusted or believed.

"Hey, we are in a circulation and financial crisis. It must be the printers fault."