Friday, November 28, 2008

McClatchy reporter gets in a gratuitous dig at Sarah Palin

I know this will come as a shock, but a McClatchy reporter from the Anchorage Daily News managed to insert a dig at Sarah Palin in a piece about Palin's campaign trip to Georgia on behalf of Saxby Chambliss.

Reporter Sean Cockerham describes Monday's scheduled campaign swing through Georgia, which is designed to motivate the GOP base to vote for Chambliss in the Tuesday's runoff election. Cockerham notes the trip will be paid for by the Chambliss campaign, not Alaska taxpayers.

Cockerham adds staff members didn't know if any Palin family members would go on the trip, then he inserts this gratuitous cheap shot:
The governor also sometimes brings her children with her when she travels on state business, at state expense.

The issue of Palin bringing her children with her on state business isn't relevant to this story, since the reporter has already established Monday's trip is (a) not state business, and, (b) paid for by the Chambliss campaign. So the reporter only mentioned it to get in a dig.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she'll take some of those Turkeys that she showed being killed behind her on the TV interview. It dosen't take much of a shovel to get a dig on her. I' m surprised she has anytime at all since she is so busy with the newspapers "reading them all". What a loser, oh she really did lose. Thank God.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of loser, let him rant. There isn't anything Comrade O is going to do that will save his worthless job.

New Short Interest data for McLatchy:
19,511,003 shares with volume down to 320,584 for 60.86 days to cover.

Only a little more than 500,000 shorts covered, meaning the market is betting on lower lows.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 6:57 for stock news.

Anonymous said...

I am betting Sarah will be around long after Sean Cockerham is done with his unemployment insurance and has moved on to his vision of a workers utopia.

Anonymous said...

George dumb Sarah dumber. Hope she does run 8 years from now, another 8 years for us. Yea!! By then maybe she will have read ALL the newspapers. Oh, by then there won't be any.

Archer05 said...

The totally corrupt media continues their vendetta against Sarah Palin. There is a whole history of Gov. Palin selling the state jet that was overly expensive to use, to maintain, and of little use for her needs. She needed the smaller plane to get around the vast state, and land in small cities, just as everyone does. She decided to share another government plane, and it has saved the taxpayers a lot of money. Had she kept the state plane she could have flown anywhere with her children.

If the media wanted to write a true account, they should have found the monetary difference between maintaining the large jet each year over the commercial tickets for the children.

McClatchy is still squandering the public trust. Either these journalists are incredibly incompetent, or they are so far gone that truth and integrity have been bought off by liberalism. Either way they are committing suicide as we watch.

Anonymous said...

She traded the plane in for clothes!!!

Anonymous said...

She's (Sarah Palin) smarter than any of you dumb s---ts wasting your time. Really people.