Saturday, November 29, 2008

McClatchy reporter unclear on the concept of blogging

McClatchy reporter David Lightman, one of the reporters who posts to McClatchy's "Planet Washington" blog, doesn't get one of the cardinal rules of blogging -- if you blog about a published article or transcript, link to it.

Friday, Lightman posted a snarky piece entitled, "Bush says he did not "sell his soul". It's about an interview Bush conducted at the White House with his sister, Doro Bush Koch. Lightman lifts a sentence out of the interview and comes close to mocking Bush -- but he doesn't link to the transcript so readers could evaluate the statement in context.

I would never blog about an interview -- or lift statements from an interview -- without linking to the entire thing. That's a simple matter of showing respect to my readers. Does Lightman think he is the gatekeeper?
Click here to read the full Bush interview.

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