Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday Nov. 3 -- Got news or an update?

If you have news or an update, leave it in comments.


Anonymous said...

Yeah - enjoy your trip!

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow we will all find out who our next President will be. There has been a lot of things said at this site that maybe we could have said better, including myself. Whoever wins tomorrow we need to try and come together because OUR country has some problems that will take all of us to fix.

I' m sure most if not all that visit this site are current or former employees of McClatchy. That in its self puts some of us against one another. Maybe there is some way we can all try and help one another. Some have lost their jobs and need one. Some are still working but need help with making some decisions about staying or going. Maybe help with a resumes. The point is before being crapped on by the higher up we kind of were a family that cared about each other. So lets see if we can be the McClatchy we once were but for on another.

Question to McClatchy Watch....How anonymous is this site? How secure can we be in your answer?

I' m sure there is s lot of tips and information that can be shared if everyone knows that by giving this information they CAN'T be discovered.

Just some thoughts.

Kevin Gregory said...

9:25 PM - I'm hoping Americans can come together, too.

As for anonymity, I never name a source unless I have their permission... I've had numerous McClatchy employees send me tips and info via email, and I always protect their identity.

I only suggest if you send me an email, use a private computer, for your protection.

Anonymous said...

He stands by his word! That's for a fact...He has never done me wrong and asked before using info and if he could name names.

Anonymous said...

OK at all the newspaper people lets get the buyout/layoff news posted here. Also it was reported here that the KC Star had to cut 2 miliion from their budgets. If Gannett can get the employees to share all the rumors/news on their blog we can do the same.

Anonymous said...
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Kevin Gregory said...

Previous comment deleted for profanity.