Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Newspapers as charity cases

As desperation sets in at newspapers, some supporters have turned to begging for help.

  • Supporters of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram have started a web site called "Save the Star-Telegram." The site asks supporters to email McClatchy CEO Gary Pruitt urging him to support the Star-Telegram.

  • A laid off journalist has started a FaceBook group whose goal is to mobilize support for reporters and newspapers. The group urges people to buy a t-shirt with the slogan, "Save a Journalist Buy a Newspaper". (Cost: $22.75.)

  • The Out-of-Town newsstand at Harvard Square is going out of business due to lackluster newspaper sales. According to Newspaper Death Watch, "The city council of Cambridge, Mass. has voted to extend the lease in an effort to keep the business in Harvard Square, but the prospects look grim."
Can telethons be far behind?
Have you seen other examples? Email me of leave info in comments. Below is a photo of the Out-of-Town newsstand (credit: Essdras M Suarez/Boston Globe)


Anonymous said...

Owner of several Alaska newspapers is in financial crisis
Fri, November 21, 2008

Posted in Alaska News, Top Stories
The owner of the Juneau Empire, the Homer News and the Penninsula Clarion is in financial trouble. The papers are all owned by Morris Publishing Group in Georgia. One analyst says there’s a greater than a 50% chance Morris will have to default on its debts.

Audio- John Ryan, KTOO - Juneau
Alaska Public Radio Network (APRN)

Anonymous said...

Only a 50% chance qualifies as stalwart among it's peers, considering the number of zero price targets.

Anonymous said...

If we have to sell t-shirts to save our jobs, just get a new job. At this point it has to be considered over. Stop going to these idiot levels of income. Do good work, if your job is there fine. If not, like most of america go get a new job.