Monday, November 24, 2008

Over 900 subscribers cancel Washington Post subscriptions due to pro-Obama election coverage

I don't know how I missed this item from last week: the ombudsman at the Washington Post admitted more than 900 subscribers cancelled their subscriptions over the paper's pro-Obama election coverage.
Thousands of conservatives and even some moderates have complained during my more than three-year term that The Post is too liberal; many have stopped subscribing, including more than 900 in the past four weeks.

It pains me to see lost subscribers and revenue, especially when newspapers are shrinking. Conservative complaints can be wrong: The mainstream media were not to blame for John McCain's loss; Barack Obama's more effective campaign and the financial crisis were.

But some of the conservatives' complaints about a liberal tilt are valid. Journalism naturally draws liberals; we like to change the world. I'll bet that most Post journalists voted for Obama. I did. There are centrists at The Post as well. But the conservatives I know here feel so outnumbered that they don't even want to be quoted by name in a memo.

Hat tip to an emailer.
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