Friday, November 7, 2008

Slow loading times at

From comments:
Since the SacBee changed their web format it loads 2-5 times slower, I suspect so that all the ads I don't read, and graphics I'll never watch, load. If I go to Rough and Tumble I can access the same story in a much quicker time.
If it's true at, I wonder if it's also happening at other McClatchy sites like Miami's and Charlotte's, since their web sites are almost identical to Has anybody else noticed slow loading times? Leave answer in comments.


Anonymous said...

Try Firefox with Adblock. It does not improve the content, but you get to see it faster.

Anonymous said...

McLatchy started adding all kinds of tracking software this year and it has hampered the load times considerably, especially when one of their adware partners goes down.

Like the previous poster said, Fire Fox and adblock will solve the problem as you can block all the doubleclick and overture crap that drags it down.

It serves another purpose. It cuts their click revenues considerably!

Anonymous said...

I dislike all the Flash animations pushing over the top of the editorial content.

It's a way to dazzle advertisers with up-sell, while driving away readers. A typical McClatchy formula carried over from print marketing.