Friday, December 19, 2008

Anchorage Daily News update -- ADN says it will send reporter to Juneau

Earlier this month I noted a report claiming the Anchorage Daily News would be closing its Juneau bureau. Yesterday Tony Hopfinger had an update:
Ten days after we reported that the Anchorage Daily News was planning to close its Juneau bureau to save money, an editor now says that’s just a “rumor” and that the paper will cover the legislative session starting Jan. 20.

“There’s a rumor going around that the ADN is shutting down its Juneau bureau and will not cover the upcoming legislative session, the governor, her administration and the state government generally. This is not the case,” David Hulen, a Daily News editor, wrote on the paper’s Alaska Politics Blog late Wednesday afternoon.

Hulen says reporter Sean Cockerham will be based in Juneau during “most of the three-month session. We’ve been planning this for the past few weeks.”

That’s not what I originally heard from Daily News staffers, however.

They told me a couple weeks ago that the paper was planning to shut down the Juneau bureau. I posted a story Dec. 8 about the closure and other cutbacks at the Daily News and its parent company, Sacramento- based McClatchy.



Anonymous said...

A quick look at the Juneau liberal blogs shows the same insane rants about Gov. Palin that she suffered during the election.

McClatchy still has enough strength to wield an ugly hatchet in Alaska, albeit a tiny one. No matter what is good for the people, they will continue on their path to ruin Sarah Palin, just like they did President Bush.

Bankruptcy seems like the only way to clean out this bunch of rats.

Anonymous said...

-Old Media: Now Featuring Palin-Smears From Actions of In-Laws Not Yet Even In-Laws-

News Busters ^ | December 20, 2008 | Warner Todd Huston
The national news has found its newest way to slam Governor Sarah Palin and that is to report heavily on any untoward actions made by her relatives by marriage -- or even soon to be marriage, for that matter.

Next the Old Media will be strenuously looking for Palin neighbors that are unruly, Palin hairdressers that have parking tickets, Palin dog groomers that steal pens from work, and Palin fans that talk too loudly on cell phones while in a theater.
‘Old media’ being the unhinged ADN. The leftist mouthpiece isn’t getting the message. WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU. During the election there were outside reports that the union of the fired trooper was recreating the none-story to destroy Gov. Palin. Somehow the McClatchy press just couldn’t find that story.

The honest people in Alaska need to cancel that paper now. McClatchy bankrupt? They were bankrupt of the truth a long time ago. Only the paperwork is missing, AND, it looks like, “Here comes the Judge.”