Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Are people in Miami ignoring the Miami Herald? (updated)

Here's a vignette that tells you the Herald is irrelevant.

BONUS QUIZ: Can you guess which political party the Herald's recommended candidate belongs to? I know you can.

UPDATE: From comments at Babalu:
Herald? What's the Herald? ;-)



Anonymous said...

“Are people in Miami ignoring the Miami Herald?”
Is that a trick question?

Pedro Garcia wins the Miami Dade Property Appraiser runoff election.
Miami Democrat Margolis goes down in defeat!
Oy Veh!

There was only a 7.76% voter turnout for a special election that cost over $3 million. The Miami Herald article I read did not mention Margolis is a long, (decades long) Democrat politician with huge name recognition.

Democrat Margolis filed a lawsuit to stop the runoff election, but a judge tossed it out. Now that she lost, what lies ahead for a career politician in her seventies?
Speed text answer: idgas

Bill said...

as bad as the Herald is, I'll take it any day over the screwballs and sycophants at Babalu!