Monday, December 15, 2008

Hating President Bush at McClatchy's Baghdad bureau

Thanks to a blog post at McClatchy's "Inside Iraq" blog on Sunday's shoe-throwing incident, we now know most correspondents at McClatchy's Baghdad bureau hate president Bush. At the blog, McClatchy employee "Laith" talks about how McClatchy staffers in Baghdad reacted after Sunday's shoe-throwing incident.
Most of the guys were happy and they were talking about the bravery of the journalist who threw his shoes at the American president. When I tried to explain my opinion, I was trying to tell the guys that I don't agree with the way the journalist behaved, but I was attacked by everyone. One of them said "come on Laith, Bush destroyed Iraq". Another said "he deserves more" while a third one said "he is an occupier." I tried to tell to tell the guys that this is an insult for Maliki.

This guy doesn't think it was wrong to hurl a shoe at President Bush, this guy is most concerned the act might have been an embarrassment for Maliki.... more....
As a journalist who believes that his job is to find truth and defend it, I can't blame the journalist for hating the U.S. president because I agree with all the Iraqis (not to politicians of course) that Bush's policy destroyed our country.

Note that this "journalist" thinks there's a natural connection between his career (journalism) and hating President Bush. Sounds more like Keith Olbeman than a professional journalist. The hatred and bile inside McClatchy's Baghdad bureau will not be welcome news to alot of McClatchy subscribers.

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