Friday, December 19, 2008

Sacramento Bee cartoonist on the shoe-throwing incident: "Bush got what he deserved because he is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Iraqis"

In a phone conversation with John in Carolina, Sacramento Bee cartoonist Rex Babin let loose with his view that the shoe-throwing assault on President Bush was justified because Bush has killed so many Iraqis.

After viewing Babin’s loathsome cartoon, I called him to learn why an American cartoonist would pen something he had to know would be popular with our country’s enemies and encourage those who seek to attack our President.

Babin told me straight out he’d gotten lots of criticism for his cartoon and didn’t like it one bit.

The criticism wasn’t deserved, he said, because “I don’t actually want Bush to take a bullet.”

But, Babin explained, “Bush is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people. What should he expect?”

Below is Rex Babin's cartoon.



Anonymous said...

Those clever Anons:

A poster on another blog suggested sending Rex Babin this simple e-mail:

( o )

(For the boys in the backroom, that is an a$$hole character)

And this:
“Ashes to ashes and pulp to pulp”

Anonymous said...

There's a joke somewhere about drawing cartoons in 2008, then drawing unemployment in 2009

Anonymous said...

For one who promotes character assassination on a daily basis using a pen instead of a sword editorial cartoonists should be wary of whom they call murdererers.

TheBronze said...

F*ck Rex Babin, he's a POS.