Tuesday, December 9, 2008

McClatchy CEO Pruitt on rumors the Miami Herald is for sale: "no comment"

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Article written December 10, 2007
-10 CEO's That Need To Leave in 2008-

I read Pruitt was top ‘CEO to GO’ [Thinking] And this is news to who? How might McClatchy look had Pruitt been canned last year? [Thinking] $800,000 Pruitt bonus money richer for one thing.
24/7 Wall Street
-10 CEO's That Need To Leave in 2008: Gary Pruitt of McClatchy (MNI)-

..Gary Pruitt of McClatchy (NYSE: MNI) is being listed as one of the [TOP CEO's TO GO for 2008]...

The company recently gave a projected rise in earnings for 2008, but there is some disbelief from Wall Street. We've noted how [Wall Street doesn't trust the numbers.]