Tuesday, December 2, 2008

McClatchy newspaper in Anchorage bungles story of soldier who was phoned by President Bush on Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving Day, President Bush phoned several military personnel stationed overseas to say "Thanks." Among those who were called was a soldier from Anchorage.

Staff Sergeant Kevin R. Everett, U.S. Army (Anchorage, Alaska) Staff Sergeant Kevin R. Everett, U.S. Army, deployed to Afghanistan as a member of the 101st Division Special Troop Battalion. Staff Sergeant Everett trains incoming soldiers on tactical operations and coordinates and establishes deconfliction measures for airspace between all artillery units and aircraft operating in RC-E Afghanistan. This is Staff Sergeant Everett’s second rotation.
The Anchorage Daily News -- Staff Sargeant Everett's hometown newspaper -- ran a boilerplate AP story on the call and managed to bungle the headline -- the headline says Everett is serving in Iraq, but the story (and the White House press release) says Everett is serving in Afghanistan.
A commenter at the ADN web site:
ADN is lame, Headline says Iraq and story says Afghanistan.

Hat tip on the Thanksgiving Day phone calls: Flopping Aces

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Anonymous said...

Melanie Sill gushed how well ADN reported important facts about Gov. Palin. She seemed to relish passing gossip along as news. This editorial fractured me. A good laugh a day from SillyBee. Unintentional humor is better than none at all.
-From the Editor:
For The Bee, rumor isn't good enough-
By Melanie Sill

( My remarks)
Sill writes: “Searching for reliable information on Palin over the weekend, I trolled political Web sites (All liberal?) and traditional media reports, (All liberal?) blogs, (All liberal?) and comment boards.” (All Liberal?)

“Over the next few days, I returned often to [one outstanding source:] www.adn.com, Web site of the Anchorage Daily News, our McClatchy sister paper.” (All liberal)

“Sill also writes: “Others sent chain e-mails or single e-mails forwarded to large lists of people. I got one (via a relative) from a Wasilla, Alaska, [woman carefully dissecting Palin's record in her town and her opinions of her as a candidate.]”
Why would Sill even consider mentioning a chain e-mail of one person’s opinion? The e-mailer could have been an unhinged person smoking crack for all Sill knew. Did she offer opinions of pro-Palin women? Guess what? The ADN couldn’t seem to find one good thing to print about Gov. Palin, and unfounded gossip had to suffice, I guess.