Saturday, December 20, 2008

McClatchy's hate speech expert calls Rick Warren a "demagogue"... demands Warren's removal

Kathryn Kolbert, quoted by McClatchy as an "expert on hate speech" doesn't seem to practice what she preaches.

In October, McClatchy reporter David Lightman wrote a piece about troubling incidents of hate speech directed at Barack Obama. Here is Lightman's first sentence:
An ugly line has been crossed in this presidential campaign, one in which some people don't mind calling Barack Obama a dangerous Muslim, a terrorist and worse.
(Of course, nobody called Obama a terrorist. We've been through this before -- that was a bogus myth repeated by Obama partisans.) But the"hate speech" expert McClatchy turns to is Kathryn Kolbert, head of People for the American Way.
"To me, this all feels much worse than we've seen in some time," said Kathryn Kolbert, the president of People for the American Way, which monitors political speech.
Yesterday I noticed Kathryn Kolbert engaging in the kind of rhetoric she complains about in others. As it happens, I am on the activist email list for Kathryn Kolbert and People for the American Way. For years I've been getting their pleas for money and reading their wild reports about the Dangerous Right. Don't ask me why I signed up a few years ago, but I did. Usually I just delete the PFAW emails but I opened yesterdays. The email Friday was about Rick Warren -- and you'll be surprised to hear the kind of language she used -- and what she wants Obama to do. Here are excerpts from the email.
"... the reality is that he [Warren] also is a divisive Religious Right demagogue..."
... and this....
"Rick Warren... marginalizes and dehumanizes those who disagree with him -- he does nothing to help unite Americans!"

Kolbert is demanding Obama dis-invite Warren, or at least strip him of the honor of giving the invocation. Gee, I thought tolerance was about including and welcoming people with different views. McClatchy's hate speech expert seems to have a different take on tolerance.


Anonymous said...

If they invited Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, it would be an exercise in diversity and inclusiveness. A reaching out. An opening dialogue. A break with the Bush years. A new chapter in the book of mixed metaphors and mindless praise.

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure. She isn't wearing that shit eating grin at the present time. Several of her bank rollers including the JHET foundation have been wiped out in the Madoff scam.

Leftists feeding on Leftists. Cracks my ass up. Kind of appropriate that McClatchy would take up the cause. She's also a big ACORN contributor with ties to, Tides Foundation, and the Streisand Foundation and several pro Castro outfits.

In other words a Communist, Traitor, Bitch.

Anonymous said...

Watching liberals use the ‘hate speech’ label as their suppression technique is amusing. Kathryn Kolbert must have written volumes on the words used against Gov. Palin. You say she didn’t find any?

McClatchy watching people like the twisted Kolbert is like watching nicotine addicts remove their oxygen tubes long enough to smoke a cigarette. The greatest hope for so many of these liberal hags is that the face transplant this week remains successful.

Anonymous said...

It appears that McClatchy does not say that People for the American Way is a far-left organization. It attempts to portray it as an impartial organization, which, of course, we know it isn't.

Anonymous said...

The really sad part is they don't even try and hide their loyalties yet McClatchy does...then they wonder why no one believes anything they print.