Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Dec. 29 -- Got news or a question?

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Anonymous said...

So, the Tacoma paper finally figured out there might be more to the story of the Haditha Marines that they have reported.

Note that they make it clear that there was no agenda. Yeah, right.

Also interesting that they are dropping the New York Times wire service.

Maybe 60 cents a share is causing a second look at their business model of kneepad journalism, bias, arrogance and leftwing propaganda.

Kevin Gregory said...

Anonymous 10:26 -- thanks, great article.

Anonymous said...

My life without a newspaper. Do I miss the Modesto Bee...Yes there was a withdrawal period. After they laid me off I dropped my subscription. So how do I get by without the paper...I can go ONLINE and read the comics I want to read, then I go to and do the daily sodku, then I go to the online websites of the stores I go to. How has this benefited me? I don't have to read the comics I don't want, I don't have to deal with fliers of the stores I don't go to. I like the Sodku on line better, I can go to the UNBIASED news reporting sites and watch the news on TV. What I miss most about not getting the BEE??? I don't have all that clutter to start my woodstove. I suppose I could buy some McClatchy stock and use it to start my fire!

Joe said...

Repeat Anon's story a million times and you see why our industry is in so much trouble.