Tuesday, December 2, 2008

News & Observer circulation lags way behind population growth

John in Carolina looks at circulation numbers at the Raleigh News & Observer since 1960.

Population growth in N&O service area, 1960 - 2007: 664,000 more people
News & Observer circulation growth, 1960 - 2008: 34,000 more subscribers

Looks like the N&O has under-achieved since 1960.


Anonymous said...

Gearino.com writes:
N & O “cleaning up the online neighborhood”
-Everybody play nice-
December 2nd, 2008

"The News & Observer is, as one of its headline writers phrased it, “cleaning up the online neighborhood.” Anonymous reader comments will no longer be allowed on the N&O’s blogs. ..

Unless the N&O provides a style guide and a list of unacceptable words and phrases, this system seems [custom-designed to snare people in a blacklist:]

In short, this new [edict isn’t rooted in a high-minded concern] for “the sensibilities of decent people.” The N&O’s managers simply hope that a vaguely intimidating taking of names will save them some work."

Read more at: http://www.gearino.com/

Anonymous said...

Earlier this year, when the Wichita Eagle started requiring web site visitors to set up an account in order to be a "commenter," I decided to quit commenting (even though the spin was that it would "benefit both the user and the company.")

Soon after this change went into effect, at least one person who signed up with an account went back and "commented" on articles that his e-mail had filled up with crap soon after. I think the newspaper needs the accounts in order to hold its advertising rates and to offer marketing services.

This is no doubt is the "new model" for McClatchy and others.

Anonymous said...

A lot of the registration information is to establish a demographic for the advertisers. It is simple, pull a journalist and lie. I am a 104 year old female that lives in Alabama and makes $700,000 a year.

Or, try www.bugmenot.com