Sunday, December 7, 2008

Readers Rep at Kansas City Star can't catch a break

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Anonymous said...

One thing that differentiates a successful profit making business from, say newspapers, is that they have this "the customer is always right" attitude. Silly people.

Anonymous said...

Just because you might not have to read it dosen't change the fact. Many people who have had to deal with Derek Donovan thinks he is a, slime ball, idiot, rude, stupid and has a problem with the telling the truth. I can think of a lot of other names for him but it is Sunday. Why a newspaper would want a human being representing a company like that says a lot about it.

It's only a matter of time when he will be gone. Zieman's wife will probably get the job.

Archer05 said...

Derek Donovan, The Scar's [“Useless Apologist/Excuse Maker/Toadie and part times sales girl”] wrote:
“I've always heard lots of complaints from [decent readers] who object to the anonymous comments that used to be left on stories at” (I am guessing that is two complains from the McClatchy Brass.)
[Decent readers?] Derek, How about decent writers? How could a decent person respond to the indecent rants of Rhonda Chriss Lokeman?

Maybe you meant [decent,] as not commenting while indecently in the nude? Reading the Red Star and Sickle, fully dressed, can’t read indecent remarks, which would include the smut of Lokeman. I am run off all right. Man, my little day is ruined, just ruined.

Anonymous said...

You had to know they were going to start shutting down opinion other than their own after the reception that Zieman's Front Page snow job got. I've seen one sided commentary before but never so much so as with that article. Not even baby rapers garner that much of a one sided dislike as he did.

That must be a very difficult job Donovan has, defending the likes of his peers. Most of his problems though, come from the dishonest misrepresentation of what his job is. He isn't a reader rep. He is a star rep who's job is to mitigate the unethical business model of a leftist propaganda machine. He is a PR hack. Now one in desperate need of reputation rehab of his very own.

Anonymous said...

Donovan joins his WHINEY BOSS. Besides being a royal jerk now he's a CRYBABY JERK. Now he has a name to go with that ugly ass face of his in the daily newspaper. CRYBABY DONOVAN. Now the two CRYBABYS can tour The Red Star together with their hankies.