Monday, December 29, 2008

Sacramento Bee to reduce Sunday comics section from six pages to four

The Sacramento Bee will reduce its Sunday comics section from six pages to four beginning January 4, according to a brief item in Sunday's Bee. To accomplish the reduction, the Bee will stop carrying "Lio" and "The Pajama Diaries," and will reduce the size of other comics. (Like making comics smaller will go over well with the Bee's aging subscribers!)
Berke Breathed is ending "Opus" and the Bee will not run a replacement. The Bee says it tried two potential replacement comics for "Opus" but the potential replacements didn't do well in a reader poll.


Anonymous said...

The only things worth looking at in Sac Bee's features sections these days are comics and crosswords. Most of the best writers have left. The section is virtually unreadable.

Anonymous said...

Why worry about the comics, when the entire paper is a left leaning joke. The comic page can't hold a candle to the laughs found in the rest of the paper.

Anonymous said...

And then, there the Sunday TV tabloid, with incomplete TV listings, printed in micro type. Even the advertisers have given up on the TV mag, but not Tell Dell.

Ricki said...

I Love the Pajamadiaries, I'm really disappointed that it will no longer be in the Bee.

Archer05 said...

The problem while reading the Bee, is to decide just which pages are the comics.

Seeing Melanie Sill’s name is a dead give away that feeble humor is upcoming. Any so-called investigative reporting is a joke, and all their yellow journalism is unedited to remain colorful.

As the price of ink rises, color sharpness fades, and the Bee is looking anemic to me. It is way too late for a transfusion, the old hacks have sucked the lifeblood out already. All hail McClatchy Execs, bloodsuckers extraordinaire.