Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Dec. 21 -- Got news or a question?

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Anonymous said...

-University of Missouri-Columbia j-school gets $31 million gift-
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

[snip]… The gift will used to set up the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute for [advanced studies in journalism and its role in democracy], which will include a "journalism future laboratory and technology demonstration center."
Out-of-touch alert: J-school money for a dead profession? Exploring dishonest journalism and its role in screwing a democracy? A lab for liars? Old Marxist profs get another vacation in Cuba?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Last time I heard anything about that propaganda school, old Marxist professor was getting fired from his other job for Plagiarism. 31 million is a drop in the bucket for that case of reputation rehab.

Anonymous said...

Exchanging Christmas greetings is not what it used to be. I think we have to cut these sad journalists some slack this time of year. A pink slip for Christmas is McLame, as the BO beanie-wearing groupies might chant.
-Register Closes Weeklies-
by Paul Bass
The Journal Register Co.… [shuttered 16 weeklies] in Connecticut.....employees were summoned to the New Haven Register building for a meeting on Thursday.....It still stung that the company waited until the week before Christmas to deliver the news.

[“It’s like,‘Merry F**king Christmas,’] you know?” said one employee present at the meeting.