Sunday, December 28, 2008

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Anonymous said...

KC Red Scar Published:
By Rhonda Chriss-Lokeman
‘Knocked Up’
What normal newspaper would publish such trash? What normal journalist would write such trash? What normal reader would read such trash?

“Take it to the toilets!” journalism, is what McClatchy is offering, and now they are circling the toilet. Why would that surprise anyone?
It gets worse even - The Red Scar didn’t stop with the offensive Lokeman‘s ‘Knocked Up.’ They ran a little contest, “Knocked up next?” Some of the choices were young teen celebrities.

Even the mild Derek Donovan was loath to say:
“Yes, humor is subjective, but this crossed a line..”

Who really needs a hold your nose newspaper? Go Out Of Business Already!

Kevin Gregory said...

Joking about 13 and 15 year olds getting "knocked up" is pretty low.

Anonymous said...

Just a note from the Sunday Bee! Rex Babin claims he doesn't hate Bush or Republicans in general.

Who does this guy think believes that trash?

The reason the Bee is dying a slow death is due to the one-sided slant on the news pages as well as the so-called progressive view expressed by the likes of Babin et al.

I contributed letters to the editor for years and no longer do so, since the fact is, editors look upon them in the wrong way. I wrote to inform the editor(s) and not to see my name in print.

The fact is that the public is not well served by the Bee. All is written from the perspective of a jaundiced left eye.

They rant about man made global warming and fail to report on the growing body of science against man's influence.

I should correct myself, they don't ignore it, they deride and villify those scientists as flat earthers.

When I pointed out that MTBE was poisonous and didn't actually do what it purported to do, I was told that I didn't know what I was talking about by a Bee writer!

When I pointed out that an editorial turned President Bush's around to mean the opposite of what he said, they did make a correction but also claimed that the writer of that editorial didn't steal the wording from NY Times columnish Maureen Dowd.

The Bee will likely stay in business, but the Sacramento Union is on-line and alive.

I shall conitnue to read the Bee but I also keep in mind they are unBeelievalbe.

Anonymous said...

AP just released its 10 most memorable quotes from the past year. The first two (negative of course) were Palin's (although one was actually Tina Fe). Mysteriously Obama's "57 states" and Biden's "FDR went on TV" didn't make it.

Why am I so happy when the media fails?

Anonymous said...

More about Lokeman: Belch

A couple of newspapers tried to replace the late Molly Ivins’s column with Rhonda Lokeman’s drivel. That is so ridiculous, Ivins was a liberal writer with wit. Lokeman is a crude nitwit scribbler, period.

Derek Donovan says editor Charles Coulter can trim or edit Lokeman’s column, and the excerpt below clearly reveals her best writing.

Contrasting styles:
Molly Ivins Excerpt:
“For some reason, (media moguls) assume people will want to buy more newspapers if they have less news in them and are less useful” Molly Ivins

Rhonda Lokeman Excerpt:

(Charlie Coulter did a good editing job this time.)

Anonymous said...

Ruh Oh...Bottom line sandpapers KC Scar's ass with

Then pours turpintine on it with this...

I wonder how come Fatback never mentioned his suspension?