Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This doesn't surprise me

Anchorage Daily News reporter Kyle Hopkins, obsessed with everything about Sarah Palin, is trying to find the deeper meaning in the name of Sarah Palin's new grandchild, Tripp Johnston. I am not kidding.
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Anonymous said...

The Anchorage Daily News reporter Kyle Hopkins is probably looking for a Phewlitzer Prize for covering a dangerous situation.

Another McClatchy smear correspondent hunkers down in his barroom bunker for the facts man, just the facts. When this phony journalist is left out in the cold, and that cold being wintertime in Alaska, we can think sweet justice is served.

Anonymous said...

The Anchorage Daily News is one of the most biased and dishonest newspapers I have ever read, EVER.

The attacks they made on Gov. Palin were based on gossip and outright distortions of the facts. They didn’t even bother to correct their distortions when proven to be wrong.

If Howard Weaver won two Phewlitzers while at the ADN, then they are worth about as much as McClatchy stock is.

Interesting tidbit: Mr. Weaver ..snip.. has [six times served as a Pulitzer Prize juror.]

There you have it, a master of four letter words picking winners of so-called journalism awards.
Phewy, Howie, Phewy, go look that word up in the Urban Dictionary.

Ishmael said...

Archer05 is a little off base here. While the quality of reporting has gone down at the ADN, it's only bias is sucking up to Sarah Palin at every turn. I've never seen a mainstream publication have such a love affair with a politician. They go on and on and on with everything that is wonderful about Palin, and downplay the negative. There are scores of accusations about Palin's shady personal finances, malfeasance, corruption and the ADN ignores them with a vengeance. The largest protest ever in the history of the state of Alaska was against Palin, with over 1,000 (remember, it's Alaska) attending, and the ADN sent their reporter to the concurrent pro-Palin event with 30 people watching her on a big screen.

They even have a standing section on ADN.com touting their coverage of her, slugged: "The latest news, notes and images of Gov. Palin working for Alaska."

Tell me again how the ADN is biased AGAINST her.

Check out Mudflats blog and Progressive Alaska blog for the true story of how Alaskans feel about Palin and the ADN's love affair with her.