Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2008 Weblog awards update

The polls haven't actually closed yet, but looking at the vote tallies it looks like McClatchy Watch is headed to 3rd place in the Best Up And Coming Blog category. (I suppose there is some chance that hundreds of votes could appear in the last few hours to change the standings, but I don't see it happening.) Third place seems like an unlikely finish for me, since there were several excellent blogs in the category. Thanks to all of you who voted -- I know from emails some of you voted every day and I appreciate it.

Special thanks to bloggers who endorsed McClatchy Watch:

Doug Ross at Journal (Daled Amos and The Sundries Shack were also endorsed)
Jammie Wearing Fool (The Sundries Shack was also endorsed)
This Ain't Hell
John in Carolina
Herald Watch
Babalu Blog (with a shout out to The Sundries Shack)

If I make it to the finals next year, maybe I'll win a Coveted LT Nixon Blog Endorsement.

(One more thing -- I wish I had put together my own list of endorsements -- plenty of blogging friends and excellent blogs I wish I had recommended. Next year.)


Anonymous said...

I think it was great that you were nominated, and it seems you have more informed readers, and good comments all the time. I enjoy your selection of articles. It takes quite awhile to read the posts and related information from your comments section.

You have hit my interest dead-on for sure. Those of us that watched the Duke Lacrosse N & O debacle, and now the biased election coverage this year, know exactly who the McClatchy Company really is. I feel sorry for the employees, but the company deserves where they are now, and they are responsible for their own slow death, IMO.

Kevin Gregory said...

Thanks Archer05... I agree, some of the best info on this blog is in the comments section.

Of course, the goofballs in charge at McClatchy always come through to give me great material for the blog (crazed rants by executives, elitist propaganda by reporters, Barack Obama trinkets for sale at a discount).

Alot of people are interested in the drama at McClatchy because my hits keep going up.

Bubblehead said...

It was an honor to compete with you; I'm glad I found your blog. Best of luck next year!