Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Added to the blogroll

I added Big Hollywood, the new blog published by Andrew Breitbart, to my blogroll.

A conservative, Andrew's focus with this project is the entertainment field, now completely dominated by liberals. Hollywood lefties donate millions to the Dem party, they write scripts which portray conservatives as the bad guys, they fund raise for Dem candidates. Andrew says there is a small core of conservatives in the entertainment field and he wants them to know he has their back. He also wants to help the GOP penetrate the pop culture world, which so far the GOP has yielded to the Dems. I wish him success.

Yesterday I noted his brilliant move calling out a Hollywood nitwit.

Bonus: check out Andrew's pledge.


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Anonymous said...

Anon 11:23 AM, has his yawning mouth open sucking in flies. You know where flies have been? Ewwww, he probably has acquired a taste for the little winged creatures’ transfer of McCrappy.

Anonymous said...

this blog is over. it was once entertaining when it actually focused on what was going on inside MNI newspapers but now it's just a conservative circle jerk. try to work on the bitterness a bit.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:56 PM-

Don't come here and try to dictate what you think ought to be discussed. That might work in the liberal media, but suppression of information doesn’t cut it here. That you are piqued, is a very good sign that the open discussion forum is working.

Archer05 said...

Red Alert - Obama Madness Video at Big Hollywood Blog
Watch at your own risk.

“Witness Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s cavalcade of shiny, happy situational patriots appearing in a derivative public servitude announcement: A “Presidential Pledge” to President Barack Obama.”

o( '.' )o o( '.' )o o( '.' )o o( '.' )o o( '.' )o

Extreme Propaganda * May be hazardous to your mental health

Anonymous said...

Where are you? MNI just suspended its dividend:
No surprise, but a major move that shows Pruitt is having troubles making his debt payments. Much more pain ahead.