Friday, January 16, 2009

Comments in Anchorage going crazy

The comments section at the Anchorage Daily News has gotten so toxic the newspaper is considering drastic changes, including cancelling comments altogether.

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Anonymous said...

ADN Slime editor says“……We will continue to allow critical comments about public figures and subjects of stories, but we will not allow crude comments about them or their personal lives….”

Loony editor says, But, but, but, does that include my personal attacks, and crude comments about 'Mayor’ Palin’s personal life. After all, I did couch my slime as rumors that would not die. Please, please, please, I’m begging on my kneepads even.

Dave D. said...

...So somebody at a McClatchy Family newspapers had finally stumbled on the solution to their misery : Fire the readers and get a new group who won't complain and object....and comment. The magical solution....presto, everything set right.

McClatchy Watch said...

I'm guessing Pat "Unhinged" Dougherty can still assign reporters to rummage through the dumpsters around the Palin house and Levi Johnston's house.

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to think the ADN is written by alien beings. Earthlings surely would not be that brainless unless they escaped from the lobotomy clinic. Of course now, the fees at the lobotomy clinic for liberals, will be covered by the new Obama health plan. It will be very economical once the doctors realize the lobotomy given to liberals at birth, was totally successful. Sort of like a circumcision of their inflated, but pointy head.

Anonymous said...

When I read the garbage that passes for news at the ADN, it is easy to see why they are failing. It is a dishonest rag, and it stinks. Businesses that help support dishonesty are fair game as far as I see it, and hunting season is upon us.