Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Endorsed by Henry Gomez

Henry Gomez from Herald Watch (also managing editor at Babalu Blog) endorsed McClatchy Watch. Thanks!
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Archer05 said...

I read Herald Watch. Henry Gomez does a good job of providing another view of the local news regurgitated by McClatchy.

And, another Florida blogger sees the Miami Herald as a financial loser.
Re: Miami Herald sale
At Sentinel Watch
-Five Big Newspaper Predictions-

2. More newspaper sales
Look for media companies to [unload] some newspapers at [bargain-basement prices.] Maybe the [Miami Herald] is one; the Boston Globe is another.

I predict that newspaper companies would rather sell for pennies on the dollar than continue to carry a newspaper that is a [financial drag] on their profit and loss statements and balance sheets.

McClatchy Watch said...

Henry Gomez also writes at Pajamas Media.