Thursday, January 15, 2009

Excess: McClatchy paying hefty salaries to corporate execs even as company flounders

Even as McClatchy has laid off more than 2,500 employees and has seen its stock price fall by 90 percent in the past year, the company has seen fit to pay its corporate executives hefty salaries.

Here's the list of Overpaid Execs at McClatchy:

Gary Pruitt (CEO) $4.6 million
Frank Whittaker (VP Operation) $1.1 million
Robert Weil (VP Operations) $1.1 million
G. Lynn Dickerson (VP Operations) $1 million
Patrick Talamantes (Chief Financial Officer) $938,000

This is the brilliant leadership team that has been in charge during McClatchy's collapse over the past year. (More on these all-stars here.)

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Anonymous said...

How much did the captain of the Titanic make?

Anonymous said...

And what about First Mate Howard Weaver?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Howard Weaver -
A laid off McClatchy employee accused Howie of
‘bald’ mismanagement.
As Howard himself would say,
That is “F**king” hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Some execs. are more equal than others. But the deck chairs look GREAT!!!

Anonymous said...

I left McCLatchy in June of 08 after 25 years. I have been trying to get a pay out estimate for my pension for about a month and a half to no avail. Hmmmm! Could this have something to do with it?