Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fishy?... Gaza "journalist" inserts himself into McClatchy story

This story doesn't pass the smell test.

McClatchy's Dion Nissenbaum authored a piece about Ahmed Abu Hamda, a 38-year old journalist in Gaza whose home was destroyed by Israel.  Supposedly.  Everything about this story seems hokey to me.  According to the McClatchy piece, this journalist is devout, newly married, a doting husband, and works by candlelight at night. Remarkable man, a humble man. He says Muslim prayers 30 to 40 times a day.  He even helped design his own Gaza apartment. Tragically, his apartment gets destroyed by an Israeli missile. The room most damaged?  You guessed it -- the bedroom he is preparing for his yet-to-be-born child.

All of the info in Nissenbaum's sad story comes from the Palestinian "journalist" himself.  Seems awfully convenient.

Click here to read the story.

I'm guessing "journalist"
Ahmed Abu Hamda is a publicity hound and a propagandist who seeks out gullible western media to tell his tales of Israeli crimes.

This should have been a major red flag to Dion Nissenbaum and his editors.

What do you think?  Have you heard of Ahmed Abu Hamda before?  If you have info, leave in comments or email me.


Anonymous said...

He's a stringer. Idiots and coward journalists make deals with enemy combatants and give them cell phones to go get their stories for them. Then, they print the stringers propaganda story verbatim without a single shred of verification and put their name on the byline.

Used to watch them do that crap while hiding out in the International Zone in Iraq. The worst part is, they are fully aware that they are dealing with the enemy, but they don't care.

Anonymous said...

If you had been this curious when you were an actual journalist maybe your bosses wouldn't have gotten rid of you. You are an embarrassment to the industry that formerly employed you. Maybe you can go be an unlicensed, tax-avoiding plumber in Ohio?
It's difficult to take your blog serious when all you do is bang on McClatchy. Face it, this company is just not that into you. Get some counseling and move on.

Anonymous said...

It looks as if we could have another Kerry-like liar to testifying before the UN, and then to a liberal US congress about the atrocities he witnessed Israel commit. Somehow, we have to award BeetleBaum a metal to toss over a fence for drama, and a map to Cambodia. A star is born, another Senator, a liar, a fraud, a new complete little man for McClaptrap to embrace.
-U.N. wants to know if war crimes were committed in Gaza-

Images of the Gaza war
By Ahmed Abu Hamda and Dion Nissenbaum | McClatchy Newspapers

McClatchy staff reporters [couldn't independently verify the alleged violations] of international law because Israel has blocked foreign correspondents from entering Gaza.

Anonymous said...

(Weasel and NPR, that tells me all I need to know.)

Ahmed Abu Hamda NPR Stories - Reverbiage Feeds from National ...
Reverbiage is a keyword-based [aggregator of NPR headlines]

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:08 I couldn't have said it better.

Anonymous said...

Ahmed Abu Hamda and Shashank Bengali
-Groups say Israel failed to plan for the safety of Gaza civilians-

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - [Israel’s offensive in Gaza] has forced as many as 90,000 Gazans to abandon their homes....

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:08

Kevin Gregory was a journalist? What did he cover?

Some his grammar and spelling here leads me to believe he worked on the loading dock.

McClatchy did the right thing by sh*tcanning him!

Anonymous said... blog:
Ahmed Abu Hamda is a Palestinian news producer.

All Things Considered, co-host Melissa Block interviewed Ahmed Abu Hamda, [a Palestinian News Producer] who works with NPR and other organizations

(I’ll return another day to the use by Western media of Palestinian news producers.)

During the interview, Block asked Abu Hamda about the use by [Hamas of the Palestinian populace as human shields]………

Why does NPR allow “commentary” (disguised as a news story) from a [Palestinian “news producer”] without critical analysis and without opportunity for a rebuttal statement from an Israeli spokesperson?

Anonymous said...

Doing a bit of checking on the referenced article, it was easy to see the McClatchy liberal bias strategy. Someone is programmed to write the required biased articles, like Nessenbaum. He is then joined by homeland people with the same bias for greater authority, like Ahmed Abu Hamda and Shashank Bengali.

These so-called journos write their tripe, and immediately a couple of dozen of McClatchy papers blare the news into every region of the USA. They chose the papers to buy in strategic state locations for this very purpose.

Then the smaller state papers, drumbeat/echo the slanted opinion into every little pocket. Naturally. the other liberal rags never correct the slime. It worked for the past election here, and they are now trying to dismantle Israel, IMO. If it takes the internet and a recession to dismantle McClatchy, sobeit.

Anonymous said...

1:08, maybe that tax-avoiding plumber just "forgot" to pay his taxes, just like Obama's Treasury Secretary nominee.

Of course we know how liberals and the propagandists who run the DemSM view taxes:

Ordinary citizen questions Obama, has tax lien = EVIL

Elitist NY Fed chairman nominated to run Treasury and IRS who "forgot" to pay 4 years of FICA taxes = No big deal

Anonymous said...

Thank God just 2 more days until we get a President Obama that can start to clean up GWB mess. 8 years of total destruction.

So folks gripe all you want on this little blog. We will have a Democrat President, Senate and House. I guess the country has spoken...YOU LOSE REPUBLICANS.

Anonymous said...

Weasel says:
“It's difficult to take your blog serious when all you do is bang on McClatchy. Face it, this company is just not that into you. Get some counseling and move on.”

Getting too close to something you don’t want to hear is he? Poor you, no one else can have an opinion that differs from your Kool-aid version. Take a guess how many posters here give a shit what you think?

Anonymous said...

Whackjob says:
“Thank God just 2 more days until we get a President Obama that can start to clean up GWB mess. 8 years of total destruction.”

You do know who has been in charge of the economy the last two years don’t you? Who insisted on the risky mortgage loans? Which blue states are in the deepest budget problems? The companies that the Democrats’ unions have ruined. Too bad there weren’t honest reporters and media around to tell you the truth.

Anonymous said...

Of course we have no idea what Dear Maximum Leader Elect plans to do to resolve the economic problem. No one bothered to ask him to get anymore specific than ChangeandHope. They were too busy dreaming of licking the testicle sweat from the Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers to commit any actual journalism.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:34.
You are right, the media made a bigger deal about Joe the Plumber's taxes than the new Sec. of the Treasury nominee for not paying his taxes for years.
How honest can an administration be when it is full of liars and cheaters?

Anonymous said...

You lost. WE WON get over it. We don't care what you think anymore WE don't have to. YOU LOST and I might add in a big way. All of it. Oh, I forgot you do have "Joe The Plumber". Wow.

Anonymous said...

Yes... we lost an election. You, however, lost a profession. You won the battle, but destroyed contemporary journalism in the process. That is the real shame.

Anonymous said...

8:49 Sorry I don't agree. I'll sit down after church tomorrow with my NY Times and enjoy a day of reading a good newspaper.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I always enjoy a bit of creative writing myself and the NY Times is great at it. If you're not paying attention, it is easy to forget that none of it is real!

Heard yesterday that they are about to get a bail out from that Mexican Billionaire. That should help their objectivity huh! Taking La Socialista to a new level.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 9:18 said:
“...NY Times and enjoy a day of reading a good newspaper.”

And the people of India thank you for making their day more profitable.

Anonymous said...

Remember, we don't care what you think anymore. YOU LOST. WE WON!

Anonymous said...

Man, what are you? 13?

Anonymous said...

Kevin Gregory was a newsroom guy? No way. Not smart enough.

I assumed the SacBee canned him.


Anonymous said...

“I'll sit down after church tomorrow with my NY Times”

Leftist still reading the NYT
Your data entry:

Does not compute:
Sane person enters house of worship
Same person purchases packet of lies

Re-enter data:
Insane person lying
Split personality
Liberal loony at large

Please wait:
Reply in route from India
Enter payment in rupees
Refresh your brain

Anonymous said...

The Old Gray Lady-
Is fat, and is singing
Swan Lake Overture

Anonymous said...

6:46 You got that right and Archer05 probably went out the door with him. SacBee must be smarter than we give them credit for.

Anonymous said...

6:11 "Remember, we don't care what you think anymore. YOU LOST. WE WON!"

If you don't care, then why are you here? Did mommy tell you to stop pestering her?

Anonymous said...

" I'll sit down after church tomorrow with my NY Times and enjoy a day of reading a good newspaper.
January 17, 2009 9:18 PM

9:18 - If whacking off to Maureen Dowd is how you like to spend a Sunday afternoon, go for it. The reality is that fewer people feel like spending their Sundays wiping newsprint off their hands.

Anonymous said...

1:29 I did enjoy my NY Times today. It was all about how great a President Obama will be. How you lost and WE WON. Can't wait for the NY Times picture on their front page Wednesday of PRESIDENT OBAMA.

Anonymous said...

He's a man's, man alright. Have at him tinkerbell.