Friday, January 30, 2009

Followup email from Jim Witt

Star-Telegram executive editor Jim Witt emailed to say he is embarrassed over the email that was inadvertently sent to employees at the Star-Telegram. He also forwarded a copy of the followup email that was sent to the newsroom yesterday:

From: Witt, Jim
Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2009 4:21 PM
To: edit-all
Subject: Oops!
Importance: High


Well, boy am I embarrassed. By now you have probably already read the e-mail I sent to the publisher concerning Gil Lebreton, Jim Reeves and Jen Engel. Not sure how ``edit-all’’ got into the CC field, but it did.

Anyway, by way of explanation, I was talking to Gary Wortel this morning about about the recent announcement that the Star-Telegram and the Dallas Morning News were going to start sharing some sports content. As you may know, part of that agreement is that we are NOT going to be sharing columnists.

I told him that we had also put Jen on the list of stuff we would NOT be sharing and he was asking me what was the difference between what she does and what someone like Revo or Leb does. I was trying to spell out those differences in my e-mail.

A lesson here for all of us that I will never forget ...


What do you think? Discuss among yourselves.


Anonymous said...

Right, uh huh. This is why the the most important part of the difference is the price that they are paid.

Tell me another one, McClatchy scum. I just hope one or all of them sue your shorts off.

Anonymous said...

So why would they need to discuss and compare salaries? Lame and weak.

Anonymous said...


Did Baghdad Bob write this?

Anonymous said...

Why would he make the subject of the original email "Gil Lebreton" if they were talking about not sharing Jen Floyd's content? Very bad cover-up attempt.

Anonymous said...

He needs to get Dion Nissenbaum to explain it for him.

Anonymous said...

Why would HR need to know about content sharing?? Come on.

Anonymous said...

It is becoming quite common for managers to jump into a CYA mode when a young female subordinate is involved. This second mea culpa sent me searching for a precedent, and finally one surfaced. Telling a little white lie is, well, okay, sort of, you know, cute,…

“I'm going to say this again:
I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”
(Now lapdogs, carry my water for me. I need this to end now.)

Anonymous said...

Note from Howard Weaver:

Jim, You f**ked up.

Anonymous said...

Where are the folks that called this a rumor? I see a good lawsuit in the making. This didn't happen just this one time. This dirty little game has been played dozens of times already.

Anonymous said...

We need anonymous sources who are not authorized to speak. We need "some say" journalism. You know... where I say to the guy in the next cubicle, that I think Bush enjoys pulling the wings off flies and then writing, "some say Bush enjoys torturing flies". We need classically trained professional journalists with the highest ethical standards searching his trash can, looking at his marital status and talking to his barber. Some real professionals who are willing to sit in a bar and hire a stringer to get the "real" story.

Anonymous said...

Sure, put Jen on the list for everything. That way you can brag on all of her accomplishments.

I bet if Reeves or Gil's name had been on the list, they would have the same results.

You are almost as despicable as Citigroup execs.

Pray God, you will get yours soon.


They pick their winners and plan for the sucession to the top. The Republican party tried that with Sarah Palin and see how that worked out for them. She was clueless and everybody knew it.

Stick with the tried and true everytime and if the business model changes, put them on the forefront.

What if The New York Times tried to replace Maureen Dowd with a new graduate out of Bernard. Boy, could they save money.

People would scream. Their is nothing like a seasoned journalist who is at the top of their game. Let the Jen's of this world work their way up the honest way.

Did I say honest. Pardon me, I am drunk.

Anonymous said...

Right from the horse’s mouth - or other end, whichever applies.
Layoffs can open doors to lawsuits

By Diane Stafford | McClatchy Newspapers

Employees who feel mistreated during a job-elimination process may be wrongful termination lawsuits in the making.

Anonymous said...

As well, should be.

McClatchy wants cheap labor. Forget about brains and loyalty.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 3:36 said...
"We need classically trained professional journalists with the highest ethical standards.."

I look for that statement, clever one.

You mean like Rhonda? Ah Rhonda, crude and lewd.
Did you see the pic of Jason?

Anonymous said...

Maureen Dowd is an old, has been, feminist hag. How old are you?
She is a dried-up old maid. Who would give a good shit what she thinks?

Anonymous said...

The Republican party tried that with Sarah Palin and see how that worked out for them. She was clueless and everybody knew it.
You don't mean clueless like Joe Biden I hope?

Anonymous said...

Pray tell, please, can someone tell us poor souls living off the husk of this once mighty empire, what is going to happen in the next few weeks?

_ How is Gary Pruitt maintaining his position? Really, how can the McClatchy family sit by and watch this happen?

_ If/when McClatchy stock is delisted and the company files bankruptcy, can the local properties survive as independant entities?

_ Are our pensions safe?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That's a response based more in the "cynical" than the "sensical". Belo just laid off more workers this week. They've got just as big a cash flow problem as McClatchy.

Anonymous said...

But without a $2 Billion debt. You will see.

Anonymous said...

We need the two-fisted, straight talking Howard Weaver to tell us what the f**k is going on. He doesn’t mince words now that he doesn’t have bow to Pru. Come on Howie, give us the skinny on McClatchy going bankrupt. Come to think of it, Howard was one of the first VIP sacrifices.

Anonymous said...

About Melanie Sill:

“Sacramento Bee newsroom employees, at least those who’ve survived the latest round of streamlining, may want to consider bringing their union rep to future meetings with new Executive Editor Melanie Sill. Just ask long-time editorial page editor John Hughes.”

Anonymous said...

Note there was no mention of how important all that experience might be to the reading public. No talk of long term loyalty and devotion to the paper. Forgot to say that all those emails were generated by her radio presence, not her newspaper column.
Just a mention of how much money they make. Age discrimination at least _ stupidity to be sure.

Anonymous said...

A former employee at the Idaho Statesman tells me that Creative Circle Media has been hire to remake the newspaper for the third time in less three years.

They are suppose to launch a new looking paper sometime early this year moving their printing operations to a near by town called NAMPA.

This newspaper has taken a VERY liberal stand in one ot the reddist states in the union and they continue to make personel cut while they hire outside consultants.

Anonymous said...

It's a joke that the publisher Wortel doesn't know what reporters and columnists at his own paper do. The fact that Witt has to explain it to him is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Week 1, Jim Witt resignation watch:
Do the honorable thing, Jim. Resign.

Anonymous said...

I think he should name himself PR spokesman for his Elvis Club.