Thursday, January 15, 2009

Former McClatchy newspaper files for bankruptcy protection

Full story here.

Hat tip: comments

Also from comments: the paper cited problems of debt and high labor costs -- sound familiar?

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Anonymous said...

Not long ago there was a humorous article about [fill in the blank] journalism. Actually, there are dozens of articles warning bloggers to stay away from that easy writing, fallback trap. However, it does seem there could be a template for bankrupt newspapers.

The cost of labor______ blah, blah, blah______

The cost of labor does have to be managed, but I wonder, who’s salary is breaking the back of journalism? Is it the staff that makes the working-class wages who actually deliver the content, or the redundant staff in editing who correct commas, or (blinder-wearing) management who go to meetings all day and draw the six-figure salaries?