Friday, January 2, 2009

The last hours of the Modesto Bee printing press

The above photo was taken in late September, about the time the Modesto Bee printing presses were shut down due to McClatchy transferring printing operations 80 miles north to Sacramento. A reader sent the photo to me.

I thought I had heard the Bee had sold the printing press to another McClatchy newspaper, but I understand the presses haven't been moved yet. If you have more info, leave it in comments.

In September the Bee eliminated 33 full time and 127 part time positions in conjunction with moving printing operations to Sacramento.
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Anonymous said...

Just when you think the Modesto Bee is a hopeless dishonest news rag, here comes a backroom boy telling the truth.
-Iraq Connection: A harmless fool with a notepad-
Submitted by Iraq_Connection on Thu, 2009-01-01 07:21.
Modesto Bee Staff
“Here’s my disguise to keep a low profile in Baghdad: [Pretending to be so dumb] that I couldn’t possibly understand anything around me.
The thing is [I’m not really pretending,]
I just accentuate my stupidity in public.”