Tuesday, January 20, 2009

McClatchy finally notices Hamas terrorists take up positions in civilian areas

McClatchy finally noticed Palestinian terrorists place civilians at risk by taking up positions in civilian homes and schools. It's important news -- too bad they tucked it inside a photo essay almost hidden on their web site.

The above photo is part of a photo essay on the conflict in Gaza. The caption:
A child collects shell casings from near the wreckage of his home in the Tawam section of Gaza City. Residents said that Palestinian militants took up positions in some of the houses, which were bombarded by Israeli forces.
This explains why Israeli forces have bombed selected schools and other civilian areas. Al Qaeda and Hamas terrorists both place civilian lives in jeopardy by hiding out in civilian areas. Then, when civilians are killed or injured, they parade the dead and wounded for propaganda purposes. Dion Nissenbaum dutifully reports the stories of the Palestinian dead and wounded -- but never gets around to explaining the role of Hamas.

If there was sanity in Gaza, the populace would not tolerate Hamas putting civilians at risk. And if there was sanity at McClatchy -- the truth about Hamas would be front page news instead of hidden deep inside a photo essay. (Photo: Shashank Bengali/MCT)

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Anonymous said...

There are two news stories concerning the Episcopal church. One is about Hamas. The other is that the Gay Bishop that has nearly split the church, is giving a prayer at Obama’s inauguration.

There are hundreds of Episcopal Bishops to choose from, but Obama chooses the one that sticks a thumb in the eye of half the Episcopal faith. That is unifying all right.

The other article points out that an already broken church can’t seem to stay neutral, and gather all the facts. Sort of like the liberal media. Who can care if it brings about their demise?
Episcopal Bishops Reveal Hamas Bias in Middle East War
By David W. Virtue

The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church has condemned Israel calling its military reaction to Hamas as "violent" and "disproportionate."

Anonymous said...

Gotta love this statement from the Presiding Bishop: "The high number of civilian deaths and injuries, which continue to include noncombatants, women, and children, will only prolong the violence years into the future. Israel's disproportionate response to the rockets being fired into its cities may well encourage violence beyond Gaza and Israel."

Nowhere did the bishop condemn Hamas for hiding out in apartment buildings, schools and civilian areas. And she didn't condemn Hamas for firing rockets into Israel. It's all about "proportional response" and Moral Equivalency.

Anonymous said...

I read the entire article, and another view, but I do not understand what the Episcopal church has to gain by condemning Israel. Could it be that the liberals have taken over the church, much like the MSM has been commandeered? How can they claim to be so inclusive, and then shut out the Jewish point of view?

I just don’t understand why a church losing congregants in droves, would take this narrow view of such a complicated conflict. Offending people, doesn’t seem the path to uniting a conflict within their own church, or anywhere for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Try a Goole search of ‘Shashank Bengali‘, and see if that doesn’t send up a million RED flags.

Anonymous said...

Geeez, this is bad, even for McCrappy

Gazans confront scenes of devastation and loss
By Shashank Bengali | McClatchy Newspapers

BEIT LAHIYA, Gaza Strip — Israel continued to pull its troops out of Gaza on Monday as thousands of Palestinians confronted the wreckage the soldiers left behind: shattered lives, whole neighborhoods under rubble and an ever-rising death toll.


Anonymous said...

They are a day (months) late and a dollar short. Akin to the ny-slimes issuing a correction on a saturday and in the far rear of the paper.

Since the truth about the palis is long already out there for all to see, its another, "Who cares" McClatchy moment.