Friday, January 16, 2009

McClatchy newspaper in Florida puts property up for sale

Not, it's not the Miami Herald; the Bradenton Herald is putting its property on the market.
The building and property owned and occupied by the Bradenton Herald in downtown Bradenton are being put up for sale in an effort to operate the business more efficiently, Publisher Bob Turner said Thursday.

Turner stressed to employees that the newspaper itself is not for sale.

Absolutely not,” Turner said. “The Bradenton Herald,, the Lakewood Ranch Herald and are extremely strong businesses, even in a down economy.”

Turner said less space is needed after the newspaper outsourced its printing staff late last year.

“Since we outsourced our printing, we now use less than half of the square footage in the building,” Turner said. “So we’re essentially paying for twice the size of the office space that we need. Any business in that situation would find it inefficient.”

The roughly 89,000-square-foot building sits on about 9 acres at 102 Manatee Ave. W., across from Manatee Memorial Hospital.

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Anonymous said...

One must ponder the demand for commercial real estate in Florida.

Not to mention the financing that must be secured to buy commercial property.

Anonymous said...

Miami commercial property is a real bargain I hear. Of course, if a fool still wants to pay the inflated price of several years back, knock yourself out.

Anonymous said...

Why would any sane person agree to pay so much more for the property than the current value? There is more to this deal than we know now.

Anonymous said...

Modesto look out

Anonymous said...

Oh heavan forbid, we would never sell our paper.

In fact we would sell our soul first.

Talk to me in six months bub.