Wednesday, January 21, 2009

McClatchy shares down 4 percent (updated-- a rally!... err, never mind)

McClatchy (MNI) shares were down 4 percent in late-morning trading Wednesday, trading at 72 cents a share as of 11:09 EST.

UPDATE: 76 cents a share as of 1:15 EST.

UPDATE #2: MNI staged a massive rally and ended the day at 76 cents a share, up 1 penny from yesterday's close.

UPDATE #3: With after-the-bell adjustments, MNI ends up at 74 cents a share, down 1 penny from yesterday's close.

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Anonymous said...

Fitz & Jen:
After The Bell Tuesday:
No Inauguration Of New Era For Newspaper Stocks

Fitz: President Barack Obama’s inaugural address message to choose “hope over fear” was translated as a sell sign in the newspaper sector Tuesday.
Newspaper stocks fell even more steeply than the broader market, which sent the Dow down below 8,000