Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ooops -- Kansas City Star reports Senator Bobby Kennedy was stricken after the inauguration

Bill Dalton at the Kansas City Star got his Kennedys mixed up, reporting Sen. Robert Kennedy was stricken at the congressional luncheon. Senator Robert Kennedy was killed more than 40 years ago.

Hat tip (and screen shot): The Pitch


Dave D. said...

...Just shows us how sad we'll be when the professional journalists aren't around anymore. Unredeemably incompetent.

Anonymous said...

It's an easy mistake. Every member of the Kennedy Klan are scumbags.

Anonymous said...

This is "Prime" Buzz. The Star's failed attempt at leveraging fellow travelers for ungodly sums of money though a separate subscription. It was such a massive failure that they opened it up to the midtown crowd. It's pretty much the Star's home for head cases with a couple of normal people aside from liking to poke moonbats with a stick.

You can rest assured that none of the moonbat regulars would ever have noticed the mistake as the principals of the blog are on the very same mental level as those that they cater too. IE Jail Inmates and Convicted Felons, Militant Gays, Welfare Queens, Drunks, The Country Courthouse Affirmative Action Coalition, Ambulance Chasers Anonymous, and Dykes on Bikes.

The only thing that can be said in their favor is that unlike their other blogs, I don't ever remember one of the principals attempting to claim, "Objective Independence."

They're your typical, stereotypical leftist base who presents their twisted opinions on a third grade level so their few fans can comprehend.

Anonymous said...

Well if I'd been dead for 40 years, I'd probably be stricken too.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:37 Great post!

Anonymous said...

KC Blog Comment
The Star's Prime Buzz rips off Tony's KC
Yesterday Tony put up this post about the way the panic about Shauntay Henderson kind of fizzled out. And today Mike Hendricks turns in a prime buzz piece saying THE EXACT SAME THING in 4 times as many words. Can Kansas City big media get any more irrelevant?

Watching the news or reading the paper is like eating the reheated leftovers the internet cooked and delivered 2 days ago. I hope Tony's getting paid to do the Star's work for them

Anonymous said...

It is time to read about the ‘Blood on the floor’ at the KC Red Scar.

Anonymous said...

How can you tell a Kennedy isn't lying? Their mouth is shut.

Sweet ‘You Know’ Caroline Kennedy turns tail after learning she wasn’t going to be given the NY Senator’s seat for free. Maybe NY is just so lucky that another Kennedy is at hand to play the part.

Anonymous said...

Well, you know that they have been shopping for a martyr that was actually elected to something. Once they attached the disclaimer acknowledging that MLK's, "I Have a Dream", speech acknowledging that he plagiarized it, and Rosa Parks was proved to be a NAACP secretary and not a seamstress, some of the shine started wearing off.

Let's face it. Mohammad isn't working out quite as well as they hoped. Malcom X was killed by his own. Louie Farrakan is just batshit crazy. Charlie Rangel is a serial tax cheat in charge of tax policy. Jesse Jackson is an extortionist and Alcee Hastings is an impeached and disbarred judge. Poor Al Sharpton is still wearing the Twyana Brawley tattoo she stamped on his ass.

The bottom line is, the race bating specialists really need Obama to get offed just to keep the flim flam alive. All their leaders are criminals!

Hell, every terrorist organization in the world endorsed Obama, but he looks like an honest, stand up guy when you compare him to his constituents.