Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reader suggestions for new McClatchy motto

Earlier this week I said McClatchy's motto, "Truth to Power," no longer applies at McClatchy, given the Obama Boosterism by McClatchy reporters. Readers have been sending in suggestions for a new McClatchy motto. I've reviewed the suggestions and put together a list. (FYI, I took the liberty of modifying some of the nominations.) Here are some of the best ones so far:
  • Hindi News -- Your Place for Outsourced Opinion
  • Your Dime - Our Slime
  • Merging News and Opinion Because We're Smarter Than You
  • Think Stink
  • Credibility Shot to Expletive Deleted
  • The Best News Suppository
  • Stalking the Palin Family since 2008
  • Choosing Who Runs Your World
  • Leave the Driveling to Us
  • Yesterday’s News Today
  • Telling You What You Need to Know
If you have another nomination, leave it in comments. I might put a poll together so readers can vote on a new motto.
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Anonymous said...

Dave Barry on newspaper Mottoes:

Newspaper Association of America Motto:
"Keeping You Accurately Informebkljsdfxc"

Newspaper Business Motto:
"Eventually, We Will Find Your Driveway"

Newspaper Editors Motto: "Proudly Maintaining the (Motto Continued on Page A-34)" Newspaper

Anonymous said...

How about: The right arm of the Left.

Kevin Gregory said...

More good stuff!

Anonymous said...

The McHatched Press: Doesn’t know Schitt from Shinola

Tits Up Gazette: Your place for titillating lies

Your Komrade Kronicle

Left Coast Democrat: A Blue Bugger’s Tribunal

I voted

(From now on, just anonymous, like the majority)

Anonymous said...

"It ain't news 'til we say it's news.

Anonymous said...

All the news misfit to print...


Turn left, go fast...oh wait, NASCAR already has that one.


If it's good enough to line your bird cage, then it's good enough.

Promo...A box of Crayons with every paid subscription (so you can write your own headlines).

OR considering the poor registration problems...



Because inquiring minds want to know...(that one sounds familiar?)