Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Jan. 17 -- Got news or a question?

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Anonymous said...

McClatchy and the Oddsmakers-
24/7 Wall St. has a Chapter 11 Watch now. Not really a prestigious A-list for Pru to report at a BOD meeting. The ‘Head stuck in the sand’ philosophy might work for an ostrich, but for a dinosaur? Obviously it didn’t.
The 24/7 Wall St. Chapter 11 Watch

McClatchy (MNI) = 1 in 2 odds. Newspaper revenue in free fall. Stock at -$1.00, down over 90% in last year.

Anonymous said...

Magazines don’t look so slick now

First, the grim reaper came for newspapers.

Now magazines are looking bad and worse by the day. The latest: A major distributor is adding a surcharge,…7-cent charge for each copy of a magazine that it delivers to stores…

Anonymous said...

No business looks very healthy right now...circuit city closing...another nail in the advertising's gonna get worse before it even looks like it might get better. If you (still) work for The McClatchy Corp. start retraining RIGHT NOW. I know of a couple of building and grounds workers that are taking college courses to increase their skills before the inevitable. Remember also if you do get laid off you only have a short period of time to tell the unemployment department that you want to be retrained so don't wait...look at your options and tell Gary and the wrecking crew Adios.

Anonymous said...

The McClatchy Company plans a huge tribute edition for the Obama Inauguration. They are thinking it will help pull in a profit for the month. Supposedly these special tribute pages will be easy to find. Just look in the Swan Song section, which is the page just before the obituary section.