Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Jan. 18 -- Got news or a question?

If you have news or a question, leave it in comments.


Archer05 said...

This is also an important announcement date:

Gannett plans to report fourth-quarter and year-end financial results for 2008 on [Jan. 30] and CEO Craig Dubow is expected to offer his commentary in the company's official statement.

Anonymous said...

Old media finally getting on the web, too late?

Boston Globe Thinks Big Online
“Does a website even matter anymore? So many people get their news through feeds and aggregators that the idea of a website as a destination may be outmoded.”

Anonymous said...

Three old rules of journalism that should be changed
Online Journalism Review
Robert Niles' list:
Old rule: You can't cover something in which you are personally involved. New rule: Tell your readers how you are involved and how that's shaped your reporting.

Old rule: You must present all sides of a story, being fair to each. New rule: Report the truth and debunk the lies.

Old rule: There must be a wall between advertising and editorial. New rule: Sell ads into ad space and report news in editorial space. And make sure to show the reader the difference.