Thursday, January 15, 2009

Surprise!... McClatchy reporter hasn't corrected his Hamas-inspired slam on Israel

McClatchy reporter Dion Nissenbaum hasn't corrected his slanderous report on Israel supposedly using illegal phosphorus weapons against Palestinians.

I showed that claim is totally bogus here. And the Red Cross weighed in yesterday, saying there is no evidence Israel is using phosphorus illegally.

I think the reason Nissenbaum hasn't come clean is he's still obsessing about Joe The Plumber -- Nissenbaum posted another slam on Joe The Plumber this week, which makes two posts on Joe The Plumber in one week.
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Anonymous said...

Come on. You don't really expect him to do that, do you? He is a McClatchy reporter for crying out loud. It's the seriousness of the charge that counts!

Anonymous said...

Their psudo arrogance, knows no bounds (until the lay offs that is)

Archer05 said...

The McClatchy boys have had a free, Bush/USA bashing, ride in their foreign war reporting. The liberal press would not question their biased reporting, they probably demanded it. The drumbeat/echo media were more than happy to brainwash everyone into thinking that nothing good could come from the war. The removal of a monstrous dictator meant nothing.

I think of Nissenbaum as being another Peter Arnett. Nissenbaum’s hatred for Israel has been exposed. I would not believe anything he writes. McClatchy has to be removed from their false role of informing the public. They have broken the public trust, and nothing they do will ever restore the integrity they have so foolishly squandered, IMO.