Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thursday Jan. 1 -- Got news or a question?

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Anonymous said...

Re: Miami Herald land sale:
Interesting tidbits right from the horse’s mouth, or patooty. Who could tell?

There is a “rendering of the City Square retail complex that would rise on the Miami Herald parking lots,” it probably needs updating to the year 2020.
-Miami Herald land sale won't close
by Dec. 31-

Indicative of how dramatically the market has changed is the sale of six acres of well-located land near Miami's Brickell Avenue. It sold in November for about [$7 million an acre.] Siffin is still agreeing to pay [$19 million an acre] when the deal closes.

Siffin has already won approval from city officials to put City Square, a shopping center with big box retailers, on the site, though the [builder was met with resistance] when it became public that [Wal-Mart could be among the tenants.]

Kevin Gregory said...

Archer05 -- The value of the property is worth less than the agreed-on price of $190 million... I have trouble believing the buyer will pay that amount when all is said and done. IF the buyer gets financing.

Anonymous said...

Re: Shoe tossing cartoon, and a curious mention of McC. W.
I am suspicious of someone who doesn’t seem to know about blogger templates.
Oh That Evil Rex Babin
By Rob Tornoe

“After the cartoon and Banin's comments were posted on the blog [McClatchy Watch] (suspiciously similar in look and tone to Jim Hopkin's Gannett Blog, right down to the blogger template), one Anonymous poster had an interesting thought:”……

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Rob Thornow will say when he finds out I have the same Blogger template as Jammie Wearing Fool, too.