Friday, February 27, 2009

Headline of the day

Newspaper convention canceled amid industry woes


Anonymous said...

Too bad really. There was always the outside chance that they might have discussed their own contribution to their demise by sacrificing their credibility and conspiring to rig a national election.

PSYKE! Not a F(*&ing chance. It's scorched earth policy to the end. Just like Josef would have wanted it.

All Hail, Chairman 0!

Anonymous said...

A question today during a media discussion actually did discuss the part taken by the liberal MSM that elected Obama. The question is why the writing head pundits are not discussing a fairness doctrine for newspapers. Why is there no discussion of the liberal bias, and how to fix it?

The answer was, if they would admit the liberal bias, they would have to admit we have an unqualified president. If the economy continues to tank, they would have to admit their compliance in a fraud election, and take some of the blame. Think Jimmy Carter, it will come to pass.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:24 Great logic.

It's a house of cards. Why bother now calling a spade a spade

Anonymous said...

How ironic, in years past the word convention made perfect sense.

Ten years from now, should papers still exist, I wonder what words they will use?

Papers get together in rear of hotel Starbucks for “Coffee Klatch”