Monday, February 23, 2009

Kansas City Star blasted for not giving readers information on financial developments at the Star

Nick at Will Not Be Televised isn't happy the Kansas City Star is keeping readers in the dark on financial developments at the paper.

You will notice that The Star hasn’t said BOO! about the whole McClatchy Company unstoppably-auguring-into-the-ground-at-32-feet-per-second-per-second thang since Mark “I’m So in Denial I Make George Bush Look Smart” Zieman reluctantly published the company memo back on the 6th of February. At this rate every writer at The Star will have ongoing blogs before the paper acknowledges it has an ‘issue’.

Frankly, The Star’s silence on its impending demise is morally reprehensible. There is no excuse or defense for its silence. Absolutely none. C’mon, guys. Wake up! What’s left of your readership deserves to know what you plan to do and in what timeframe.

The days of the mainstream media as Gatekeeper is long gone, so when McClatchy doesn't give readers current info on financial problems, readers get the message McClatchy is arrogant. (Hat tip: comments)


Anonymous said...

Sac Bee has been brutally honest in its reporting of McClatchy/Bee crash. TV and radio never report on their hardships.

Anonymous said...

uh..uh..uh well, how can this be true? Mark Zieman himself in an interview with a local radio station that if you wanted to know what is going on at the star. Simply read the paper because they report about their own company.

Funny thing was he said this the very same week that they posted incorrect closing prices three days in a row for MNI.

Anonymous said...

Sac Bee has been brutally honest in its reporting of McClatchy/Bee crash.
You say this the very day after she posts her admission that they have not been forthcoming or truthful about their true situation? Where is the emoticon with the squiggly mouth? You can't acutally be serious...can you?

Kevin Gregory said...

2:59 -- I disagree. SacBee didn't cover the Newspaper Guild's call for Pruitt to take a pay cut. That was a fairly big story that should have been covered. And there has been very little in the Bee about McClatchy's delisting status. Business writer Dale Kasler is straightforward but his coverage of McClatchy is irregular. The Bee should give readers regular updates -- otherwise it looks like the Bee is covering something up.

Anonymous said...

Why should newspapers cover all the gory details of their demise when no other media even mentions their blemishes? Public coverage of layoffs, downsizings and other unsavory economic bombs just drives advertisers away. Papers are shooting themselves in the foot every time they put out a negative story. It feeds the beast. I just don't see how detailed coverage of the Fall of Rome, helps Rome?

Anonymous said...

On Sunday, the KC Star profiled a down-and-out unemployed local goof. (The story was terribly depressing.) The Star could have saved time and money by having the reporter profile one of his former staffers. But then again, the Star has NEVER reported on its own demise. They let the community believe the Star is in great shape and is here to stay. I say McClatchy will file for bankruptcy by April, at the latest.

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting topic that I really haven't seen much written about. Of all media, only newspapers are prone to write negative stories about their business decisions. Maybe they should start covering the financial woes of local TV and radio, which seem to get a free ride.

Anonymous said...

The KC Star doesn't have to print it all you have to do is read it. This morning it took about 10 minutes to read the crap. When my subcription runs out I am done.

It is a pathetic piece of shit. I hope they shut it down.

Tim Lindell said...

Same deal at the Anchorage Daily News. Back on 6 Feb, Pat Dougherty pointed out that some radio company was having financial problems, but he hasn't said a damn thing about McClatchy problems except to say that the ADN is getting a lot of online visitors (most of them looking for dirt on Sarah Palin).

Anonymous said...

The Sac Bee is the same way on Monday - nothing to read and skinnier than Paris Hilton. I think they'll eventually drop Monday paper and maybe Tuesday too.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Magoo writes:
“Sac Bee has been brutally honest in its reporting of McClatchy/Bee crash."

Does the Sacbee print a Twilight Zone edition?

Anonymous said...

Please ALL McClatchy newspapers do us a favor SHUT IT DOWN. Drop Sunday-Saturday.

Anonymous said...

2:59 PM
Miss Melly just 'splained' things, she said she did not do her duty in reporting financial information about the paper. How do you figure it, the trash in Gov. Palin's dumpster is newsworthy, but loyal employees being thrown in the street, is not? Any light bulb moments yet?

Anonymous said...

When you take a dump in your pants, do you tell everyone?

When you drive drunk on three tires, do you tell everyone?

Why should newspapers be any different.

Truth to power I say, Truth to power!!

Anonymous said...

KC has so many good bloggers. It is fun to read the news with a humorous touch, instead of the liberal bias of the Red Star and Sickle. The new blog mention by a poster here has promise also. I tried to leave a comment that I read about them at McClatchy Watch, but the word verification did not work. If anyone else gives that a try, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Remember all the phony MSM polls and bullshit about the world would vote for Barry? Check out Scotland already. Of course, they fully expect our military to protect them from serious Hitler-like aggressors.

-Forget 100 days, Obama's
honeymoon is already over-

Scotland on Sunday [UK]
by Michael Gove

Anonymous said...

I saw this snip on another McC. W. thread today, I think this is a Rhonda keeper.

“……The famous car driver ‘Wheelie’ Lokeman, and she had a distinct handicap.”

Anonymous said...

3:19 and 3:27 are right on. There has been more reported on the troubles newspapers are having than that of TV and Radio combined. TV and Radio are struggling big time especially locally. DVRs and Itunes are eating their lunch. They carry little news now and most of what they get comes from newspapers and newspaper web sites.

Anonymous said...

TV and Radio except for GE (nbc) are no where nearly as bad off as newspapers. Of course there wouldn't be the same amount of reporting it because they are not as bad off.

Looking for another scape goat?

Anonymous said...

I beg your pardon sir, "It's Three tire to you!"

Anonymous said...

The AP and McClatchy must go!

This slanted view of the Iraqi museum looting has been debunked for years. That the AP writes this garbage is reprehensible. They have to go out of business. Whatever it takes, they have to GO!
-Iraq to reopen museum looted
in US invasion chaos-
Associated Press, by Sameer N. Yacoub

BAGHDAD – Iraq's restored National Museum is reopening Tuesday, nearly six years after looters carried away antiquities and treasures [as U.S. troops stood by] in the chaos of Saddam Hussein's fall from power. The museum, rededicated Monday, was among hundreds of institutions — universities, hospitals, cultural offices — ransacked during the lawless aftermath of Saddam's ouster. It became a [symbol for critics] of Washington's inability to maintain order....

(, lists many articles that debunk this outright lie.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, they area on deaths door.

Right now the dying patient is in a classic dementia phase.

Like a hazy combination of say Custer and the Watergate glory days.

They think and shrilly proclaim the cavalry is around the corner, as they recall days of glory. But they area dying.

Kind of like the idiot gal Zills in the below article. As you sift through her story, tell me its not dying dementia?

Summing up her dribble, “If we can just have an exchange of ideas, we can get past this”

Humor it, cover it with a blanket. Smile at it. But it is a gonner

Anonymous said...

Merced Sun-Star cuts down to two sections:

Anonymous said...

5:44, the comment was made about "local" TV and radio, not the corporate mother. Big difference.

Anonymous said...

7:53 AM No my friend there is not a big difference. No matter how you slice it, TV and Radio are in no where near the same amount of trouble that Newspapers are. In fact TV is benefiting from the Newspaper trouble and by the same token if one of them is in trouble, their corporate offices can indeed help. Newspapers cannot say the same.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City has some fine bloggers, but they are just that ... bloggers. They are not reporters. In the vast majority of cases they have absolutely no training in journalism.

If the bloggers were a legitimate alternative to newspapers, we would not be discussing all the secrets The Star is keeping because one of these bloggers would have already researched and broken the story.

If anything, the lack of information coming out about this is a testament to the fact that bloggers, radio and television can NEVER replace newspapers as a source of information.