Tuesday, February 3, 2009

McClatchy stock falls to 69 cents a share

McClatchy (MNI) shares fell 1.4 percent Tuesday, closing at 69 cents a share -- just 7 cents above MNI's all time low.


Anonymous said...

@fitz & Jen
-After The Bell Tuesday: Gannett Hits All-Time Low-

Fitz: The ugliness continued Tuesday for Gannett Co. Inc. (NYSE: GCI), as shares of the nation’s largest newspaper company hit an all-time low on Wall Street.

Gannett reported a weak Q4, disclosed that it would take an impairment charge...

On another blog, there was a droll comment, “So goes Gannett, so goes the newspaper business” That has yet to be seen.

This cannot be good sign for MNI though. For the new readers, we have stock experts that comment here. Some months back, we were told about the importance of the impairment charge. It is something to look for after the Thursday meeting. Our experts have been correct like 100% of the time. I am thinking someone will break the report down into words we can understand, and what news is important to employees, without the smoke and mirrors.

Anonymous said...

Expert speaking: (clearing throat)

In most violent fashion, MNI will be bankrupt this year.

Thank you!