Monday, February 9, 2009

More Porkulus nonsense from McClatchy

Mark Hall and David Lightman authored the latest McClatchy missive on the "stimulus" bill that seems designed to keep readers in the dark. You can read it here: Arguing for stimulus plan, Obama's advisers warn of deflation"

In 15 paragraphs, Hall and Lightman don't bother quoting a single Republican. And they don't get any quotes from an economist with a contrary opinion.

Hall and Lightman quote these sources:
  • Christina Romer, Obama's head of the White House Council of Economic Advisers
  • Lawrence Summers, Obama’s chief economic adviser
  • Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat
All are Democrats, all support the stimulus.  No opponents of the stimulus bill are quoted.
McClatchy's DC bureau is beyond worthless.

Truth to Power?




Anonymous said...

Will the real President McSomeone please stand up?

Barry Soetoro (aka) Barack Obama
(aka) Mr. McFuckem

Anonymous said...

And we're supposed to simply and blindly buy this paper?

Can any one of you "objective" MNI boys explain this to me?


Anonymous said...

Just now on TV, a Dem was bending herself into a pretzel rather than answer a question of when the stimulus bill would actually help Americans. She danced all around welfare, food stamps, the ‘Pitiful Peeoples’ that really need the help, only 7% is earmarked for infrastructure, blah, blah, blah.

Interviews with these failures is useless, they have their talking points handed down from the ‘Most High’ and the road to ruin is now clearly marked.

Anonymous said...

McClatchy proves itself over and over to be opinion news, and Socialistic opinion news at that. Cutting the regular working staff in favor of the opinion staff, spells disaster for the paper. You can watch it in progress if you choose to disagree.

Anonymous said...

Gary Pruitt took McClatchy into the current sharp turn of leftist politics. It wasn't always the rag it is now.

Anonymous said...

The SacBee is the most leftist paper of all. It must be too close to the snake's head, or mired in Left Coast politics to be unbiased.

Anonymous said...

Gary Pruitt the new great leader?
Barry Soetoro the new great leader?

Another CEO name change is needed.
Let's see, something Arab sounding, or more exotic.

Ahmed Abu Phewit
Barack Hussein Obama

Yes, that's much better.