Friday, February 13, 2009

News & Observer selling photos of hoax swimmer

Unbelievable -- the News & Observer is selling photos of the hoax swimmer:
On Feb. 7 the McClatchy Company's Raleigh N&O went with an AP story about 56-year-old Jennifer Figge becoming "the first woman on record to swim across the Atlantic Ocean" while "battling waves of up to 30 feet" along the way.


Except the story was bogus and the AP and the N&O have since published corrections.


McClatchy's N&O has copyrights on photos of Figge and her "event" that you'll find linked at beside the story.

You can click on the "Buy" button which will take to N&O Photo Store.

Go there and you'll see the N&O has some great deals. A 5 by 7 photo is only $9.99 unframed or $54.95 framed.

I'm sure the N&O hopes you decide that for the special someone you love, a framed 16 by 20 Figge photo at just $119.95 is the perfect Valentine gift.
Any adults in charge at the News & Observer?


Anonymous said...

Well they’re consistent.

Phony, liars and Marxist propagandist sellouts to the last.

Che, Fidel and Goebells would be so proud.

Anonymous said...

Cut them some slack.

It’s their first attempt at capitalism since MNI's stock beached the $5 firewall price.

They're just getting their feet wet

Anonymous said...

So, what is the problem? It is only natural for one group of frauds to try and capitalize on the fame of another fraud. You can't argue with success. Look how well they did with President Terrorist Lover!

Anonymous said...

The N & O are obsessed with hoaxes, Barry and now Figge. They missed their chance at a great poster boy. The Black Panther minding the polls, with his nightstick in his hand. Now there is a picture for the Obama election album. It says something,
‘Thugs just doin’- What thugs do.’

Take a moment and refresh your memory, as if anyone needs to be reminded of the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American People.
Scary stuff here:

Anonymous said...

The Duke hoax/frame was the most unbelievable hoax until the Obama hoax. The N & O have no shame, NONE. I hope they are shitcanned.

Anonymous said...

As a laid-off photojournalist who once dreamed of working for McClatchy, I think of one thing: Schadenfreude.

Way to go, News & Observer!

P.S. to 4:56:
Uh, these folks aren't as smart as Castro. Neither are you. Same goes for you, 5:19.

Anonymous said...

N & O
Noxious & Odious

Anonymous said...

P.S. to 6:03 PM
I love the word ‘Schadenfreude‘ but when it is used by a laid-off photojournalist, I'm not sure who you are gloating at, for sure.

Let’s see it means: gloating at somebody else's bad luck.
Lucy, you better ‘splain’ what the hell you are talking about. You hate the N & O, do you? You hate their hoax poster?

P.S., P.S.: No schadenfreude about you losing your job intended.

Anonymous said...

You say your dreams of working for McClatchy have been dashed? I say you are lucky to not work for
58 cents a share MNI.

Anonymous said...

Ya think Pruitt’s hand is on the tiller of the boat that accompanies Figge?

Anonymous said...

There are several photos of Barry smoking, the N & O could turn one into a best seller for the Lung Association Poster.

Anonymous said...

Lucy, you better ‘splain’ what the hell you are talking about. You hate the N & O, do you? You hate their hoax poster?

He can't "splain". Has his head up Castro's ass.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a bunch of idiots you are.

Anonymous said...

This story actually was never in the paper. Just part of the continuous AP feed given to the readers as a service. And every picture on the Web site is for sale. Feel free to purchase as many as you like.

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Anonymous said...

I'll come visit your site just as soon as I'm done with this sex act with another man.

Anonymous said...

What about the picture of Obama dressed up in Muslim garb with a turban?

The N & O can make a lot of money selling that picture.

Anonymous said...

7:51 What a bunch of crap.

Anonymous said...

Hey imbeciles, your hero rush limbaugh is on, time to stop the idiotic comments.....geez this site used to have some useful info

Anonymous said...

Keith Olbermann is on now. He's having sex with Barney Frank.

Rachel Maddow wants to have sex with Obama's girls.

Anonymous said...

I think the Barry's election album should include a picture of his auntie, you know the one in the US illegally, living on welfare? She knows where The Barry was born! I don’t think the ‘One’ will be disrespecting his auntie anytime soon. What is the cost of her silence? Nevermind, the taxpayers can foot the bill.

Didn't flunk 8th-Grade English said...

I have some questions: Do the anonymous jackasses who post all of these idiotic, semi-literate comments on this site actually speak like this in public? Do people nervously side-step them on the street because they drool from both sides of their mouths simultaneously? Are they really deluded enough to think they’re intelligent? Are their parent siblings?

Anonymous said...

Another Obama album for sale:
A collection of tax cheater pictures. It could start with his failed cabinet members, and move along to the cheaters in congress. That’s a goldmine for McClatchy right there.

If you can't spell, you clearly don't read. said...

Sorry. "Parents," obviously. Not "parent." (See ... you notice a mistake, and you FIX it. Not so hard.) My apologies.

Anonymous said...

Someone wrote something too close to truth for the liberal jerks to deny. You can always tell when you see comments attacking a poster instead of the subject. Free speech is only allowed if your speech is part of the liberal drivel with these nutcases. You do have to witness these whackjobs to appreciate how indoctrinated they are, they are living proof that a so-called education means nothing. Passed the eight grade? Bahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the now famous KC car driver, Zieman-Lokeman, can transfer to the N & O as a columnist. She could start with the NASCAR circuit. That ought to save the KC Star a few bucks, and the NC readers can have a laugh or two into the bargain.

Anonymous said...

I love all the ‘pretend’ editors complaining about this comma and that punctuation mark. The whole article can be a piece of shit, but if the commas are in the right place, it is golden. The new media is a lot more casual. Get used to it, or get out of the way.
Pssssst, there is a rumor that dinosaurs were perfect spellers, pass it on.

Anonymous said...

Although this thread lost all semblance of semblance, look at the topic that “caused” the decline.

MNI’s selling a photo, at a handsome profit if they can sell it, of a total fraud and a lie.

MNI’s version of “truth to power” does send people over the edge eh?

Anonymous said...

Oh, whatever.

This whole thing is almost as stupid as the great Automated AP Story was Missing a Hyperlink Controversy.

You all should really get some fresh air.

Anonymous said...

‘Truth to Power’
It used to be the words MNI lived by.
Now they are the words they will die by.

They forgot what the words meant.